01 Individual Investors & IFA’s

You can participate in BlueAlpha’s award winning investment performance across a range of managed unit trusts.


BlueAlpha BCI All Seasons Fund


BlueAlpha BCI Equity Fund


BlueAlpha BCI Global Equity Fund


BlueAlpha BCI Balanced Fund

When it comes to investing to meet your long term financial goals you should consult your investment advisor to ensure you have investments that are suitable to your risk profile.

BlueAlpha BCI All Seasons Fund

Fund objective: To provide investors consistent returns with capital growth in excess of the South African Inflation rate.

Benchmark: CPI + 5%

Risk profile: Medium | Medium - High

Portfolio Managers: BlueAlpha


BlueAlpha BCI Equity Fund

Fund objective: To deliver a high long-term total return for investors. The Fund aims to consistently outperform the benchmark and achieve a top quartile sector ranking.

Benchmark: 75% FTSE JSE SWIX J403T & 25% MSCI All Country World Index

Risk profile: HIGH

Portfolio Managers: Gary Quinn & Kyle Rix


BlueAlpha BCI Global Equity Fund

Fund objective: The primary objective of the BlueAlpha BCI Global Equity Fund is to offer investors a high long term total return by investing across global equity markets. The fund is primarily focused on investing in developed market equities. The investment style is to invest in dominant, high quality businesses which have a history of developing both growth and real economic value.

Benchmark: 80% MSCI World Index & 20% US Libor rate calculated over a rolling 1 year period

Risk profile: High

Portfolio Managers: Richard Pitt & Walter Jacobs


BlueAlpha BCI Balanced Fund

Fund objective: While still a Regulation 28 compliant portfolio, the fund aims to achieve high capital growth through maximising exposure to both local and global equity, as well as through sizable exposure to property. We believe this positioning will provide investors with the best opportunity to beat inflation, thereby achieving real wealth creation in the medium to long term.

Benchmark: Average return of the ASISA Multi-Asset High Equity category

Risk profile: Medium

Portfolio Managers: Walter Jacobs & Richard Pitt

02 Institutional Investors

Our skills are in equity selection and asset allocation – we manage domestic and global equity mandates as well as domestic balanced funds.

We have well-established track records of alpha generation and top quartile returns.

The investment process uses a unique combination of quantitative techniques and fundamental analysis to seek out those characteristics we know give your portfolio the best chance of out-performing.

Portfolio risks are well understood and controlled.

For more information about working with BlueAlpha or to arrange a meeting with our team please contact Kirsty Wade on +27 21 409 7100 or kirsty@bluealphafunds.com

Find out more about some of the funds we offer below.


Domestic Equity


Investment objective: We aim to provide long run market out-performance and benchmark ourselves against the Capped SWIX Index Portfolio Managers: Gary Quinn & Walter Jacobs


Global Equity


Investment objective: We aim to provide long run market out-performance and benchmark ourselves against the MSCI World Index Fund currency: ZAR Portfolio Managers: Richard Pitt & Walter Jacobs