Our Story

BlueAlpha is an award-winning investment management firm with an enviable, decade-long Investment track record. In any market, true Alpha generation is rare, but as specialised local and global asset managers, we are proud to have delivered it consistently. 

01 About Us

BlueAlpha was established in 2003 and has an enviable 17-year investment track record. We are an award-winning team specialising in equity investment – both South African and global – and offer investment options for institutional and individual investors. Decades of experience navigating the markets and the ability to stay curious about the world around us has served our clients incredibly well. 

In 2020, Crede Capital Partners bought a majority shareholding in BlueAlpha. Sandile Sokhela, CEO of Crede Capital Partners, joined our board of directors. As a result, we are a proudly majority black-owned investment management firm.

02 Our Investment Process & Philosophy

How we invest

We seek two key characteristics in our investments: value creation and growth in cash flow.

Portfolio Construction

We build our portfolios from the bottom up, and have an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with each portfolio, aided by quantitative factor analysis. We measure risk at stock, sector and cluster level. Our portfolios construction process don’t hinge on specific macro forecasts – instead, we tilt them to the prevailing conditions.

Why Value Creation?

A company’s ability to generate attractive cash returns is key, this is proven to provide superior investment returns in the long run. It’s a persistent quality that is often under-appreciated by the market. Value creating companies are great compounders, and they are the core of our portfolios.

Why growth in cashflow?

In the long run, share prices follow cash flow. We have a strong focus on the cash flow cycle of companies – understanding where a company is at present, and how cash flow expectations are evolving over time. Buying into cash flow strength means you participate in the market up-cycles. The numbers don’t lie – both of these characteristics make for market-beating performance.

Live Prosperously

03 What's in it for you?

  • Your money is always optimally invested
  • You don’t miss out on the bull market gains and are defensively positioned come bear market times
  • You have one of the most experienced investment teams actively navigating the market for you
  • The evidence is in our top quartile investment performance – no matter the season

Fraud Notice

Beware of impersonators claiming to be affiliated with BlueAlpha Investment Management. We have been made aware of various people/ platforms using our brand and BlueAlpha’s name to sell fake investments.

BlueAlpha Investment Management does not conduct business on WhatsApp/Telegram and does not offer crypto financial services.